Shelly Skandrani

Producing Projects

Feature Film scripts


The Extras (script)

The Extras is a raunchy, semi-farcical and crude slapstick female buddy comedy with intentional over the top scenarios in the vein of Bridesmaids and Tropic Thunder.

When an out of work, bitter actress is convinced by her babysitter turned best friend to take extra work in attempt to reach stardom, competition arises.


In the Shadows We Dance (script)

A psychological thriller about Stockholm syndrome set in San Francisco. Male and Female leads.

When Emma is kidnapped and held captive by Aaron she mysteriously falls in love with him, now she has to face her childhood traumas to untangle herself from Aaron’s cognitive web.



Toxic (script)

An action/drama  with a social message, set in the USA and India. With a high-spirited and determined female lead.

When Katherine, a legal researcher, kills the president of a pharmaceutical company, we travel back through her roller coaster life affected by his heinous crimes against humanity to find out why.


Bridging Our Gap (synopsis)

A family drama with comedic elements set in a “funny farm” retreat.

When Justin loses his wife in a car accident he takes his ten year old son to a spiritual couples retreat, with quirky characters and activities, so as to understand how to heal and be a family again.


Community  (in production)

A twenty minute thriller/ drama that deals with the issues of rape in our society.

Five single women, who are former rape victims, living in a secluded commune find their lives interrupted when a man breaks in and tries to assault one of them, now they have to decide what his consequences should be.