Shelly Skandrani


SUMMER AND SMOKE- written by Tennessee Williams

A drama set in Glorious Hill, Mississippi from the “turn of the century through 1916,” and centers on a high-strung, unmarried minister’s daughter, Alma Winemiller (Shelly Skandrani), and the spiritual/sexual romance that nearly blossoms between her and the wild, undisciplined young doctor who grew up next door, John Buchanan, Jr. She, ineffably refined, identifies with the gothic cathedral, “reaching up to something beyond attainment”; her name, as Williams makes clear during the play, means “soul” in Spanish; whereas Buchanan, doctor and sensualist, defies her with the soulless anatomy chart.







YERMA- Written by Frederico Garcia Llorca

The tragedy tells the story of the psychological transformation of a Yerma (Shelly Skandrani) who ardently desires to have a child but is not only frustrated in her desire, she transforms it into hatred. After Yerma’s acquaintances assure her that the reason she cannot become pregnant may be due more to her husband than herself, the woman’s mind, already unstable, looks at her unfeeling spouse from a different and increasingly angry perspective, her obsession turns to madness and she eventually murders her husband and her only chance for a child.








THE BONDAGERS- written by Sue Glover

The story of six women known as Bondagers, 19th-century women farm workers who were hired by the plough men of the Scottish Borders to work alongside them as a condition of their own employment by the landowners. Lisa (Shelly Skandrani) is new at the farm and must earn the women’s trust and love. “They live day to day, year to year not knowing at which farm they’ll end up. It is a tenuous, lonely existence where they form bonds only with the land and each other…. Each woman must deal with themes of powerlessness and progress. It is a time when few men can be trusted, even though they are the ones in charge.” (Windy City Times) 









CABARET – The musical written by Christopher Isherwood, music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb.








AFTER THE FALL- written by Arthur Miller

A drama based on the life of Arthur Miller himself which takes place inside the mind of Quentin, a New York Jewish intellectual who decides to reexamine his life in order to determine if he should marry his most recent love, Holga. Quintin reflects upon his relationships with his first wife Louise, and his second Maggie (Shelly Skandrani)- based on Marylin Monroe who experiences the turmoils of being in the public eye and eventually tries to commit suicide.


PHAEDRA – written by Jean Racine

Phaedra is a dramatic tragedy in five acts based on Greek mythology, where Phaedra (Shelly Skandrani) while her husband the king is away at war,  has become consumed by an illicit but overpowering passion for her stepson Hippolytus, this she has kept as a dark secret.  When she hears of her husband’s death she sets a seduction plan into action.



FEN – written by Caryl Churchill

Set in the hostile Fenland landscape where the starving ghosts of the past rub shoulders with the living. Fen tells the story of Val (Shelly Skandrani), a woman torn between her children and her farm-worker lover, and is ostracized by the village. Val has little choice but to allow the bitterness to seep into her bones, corrupting personal relationships, motherhood and even innocence. 


RING AROUND THE MOON – written by Jean Anouilh

THE SNOW QUEEN – written by Hans Christian Anderson