Shelly Skandrani

Tel Aviv Newspaper- on Summer & Smoke


Summer and Smoke

In  the Beit Zvi Theatre, Ramat Gan

After watching the emotional and exciting play “Not About Nightingales” by Tenessee Williams, that was performed with great success at The Studio of Yoram Levinstien and will be performed under the wings of The Theatre of Be-er Sheva, we were awarder the opportunity of watching a premier production at Beit Zvi, of the most poetic and philosophical plays of one of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century Tenessee Williams, “Summer and Smoke”.
The play, which tells the story of the unfulfilled love of Alma and John, provides Shelly Skandrani proof of her appraisal as a star in the full meaning of the word.  A real actress, that every drop of blood in her veins is full of theatre.  She is so real and convincing in every minute of the play, that her performance overshadows all the rest, even if they are good.
Next to Skandrani, it is clear that the handsome Shlomi Tapiero relies more on his looks and does not work sufficiently on expressing his emotions thus missing the path to the audience’s heart.  In the opening scene he does not ‘become the child’ and his clothes alone are those that indicate his age.  Later on as a young and opinionated doctor he becomes more interesting, but only towards the end of the play does he gain the leverage needed and convinces the audience.  As a whole, the girls- Yael Ringel, Keren Shiniuk and Rakefet Binyamin are better than the boys.
The Hebrew translation by Ido Riklin is first rate as always, and clearly projects onto the direction of Gheorghe Miletineanu.  The inclusion of William Blake’s poem, the English poet and artist from the nineteenth century, crowns the poetic play and strengthens its beauty.
Alice Blitental.
Translated from Hebrew by Natalie Tal