Shelly Skandrani


Shelly Skandrani is known for her critically acclaimed role in Showtime’s popular Holocaust film ‘The Devil’s Arithmetic’ starring Kirsten Dunst and Brittany Murphy, and produced by Dustin Hoffman and Mimi Rogers, Shelly had to shave her head on camera to portray a young bride who’s wedding ceremony is destroyed when Nazi soldiers invade her Polish village and carry her and her community to the concentration camps.

“But it is the quiet, honest performances of young actors from the United States, Canada and Europe Brittany Murphy, Shelly Skandrani and Kirsten Dunst that carry this picture and infuse it with power.” -New York Daily News


The Devil's Arithmetic

Shelly Skandrani was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and grew up in London, England and is often described as a mixture of Israeli passion and British refinement.

This mixture of extremes sparked her interest in anthropology and Shelly has spent a vast amount of my time traveling the world and studying different cultures, including backpacking in South America and India and visiting most of Europe and the USA, gathering stories and broadening her collection of ideas.

Shelly started acting on the stages of London at the age of nine, performing in dozens of plays, with over forty performances each, before moving onto Film and TV.


Shelly returned to Israel at eighteen and received classical training at the top performing arts school in Israel, Beit Zvi, for three intense years of fifteen hour days, where she finished with presidential honors and an immense understanding of the classical arts, their history, origins and possibilities.