Shelly Skandrani

Past Projects


A story of a teenage girl called Hannah (Kirsten Dunst) in modern who travels back in time to World War II Poland, there she meets her cousin Rivkah (Brittany Murphy) and with her and the village’s help she re-discovers her Jewish Heritage.
Shelly Skandrani plays the supporting role of Leah, a young bride who at her wedding ceramony is taken away to the camps with the rest of her village. The film follows the story of Leah, Hannah and Rivkah through their emotional and physical hardships of war torn Europe.

The C-Gate- short film

Louise (Barbie Mabee) and Eva (Shelly Skandrani) are two girls from the opposite sides of the globe who’s world and heart have been torn apart by war. ¬†They meet by chance at an airport and as they exchange stories they come to terms with the ugly face of war.

The C-Gate premiered at The Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Worlds Apart -short film

A story of Jane (Shelly Skandrani) who goes in search of her estranged step sister Bridgette (Lauren Byrnes) twenty years after they were torn apart through circumstances.  Jane seeks answers for her past and through Bridgette comes to terms with who she is today.

This film was written and produced by Shelly Skandrani and is currently in post-production, hoping to hit the festivals of 2014.


KINK- pilot

Anna, small town girl, comes to the big city and finds a job as an assistant at a film studio that produces kinky porn films where she meets the quirky characters that work to put these films together. Crazy 8, the British, feet loving, Lesbian mechanic (Shelly Skandrani) shares stories from her personal love life, with strange and funny details.


A documentary, narrated and hosted by Shelly Skandrani, set across the diverse cities and village of India.
A look into love in the 21st century and where we are heading as a people, investigating the differences between the Eastern and Western worlds and how they are colliding and affecting each other through globalization, with special focus on tradition, religion, science and art.

Below an interview with ADITYA KRIPALANI, author of the bestselling love story BACK SEAT, in Bombay, India.


After 20 year Elimelech and his wife, Shifra, rediscover their love for each other while searching for the marriage agreement which is needed for Ayala’s, their daughter, wedding. On his journey to rediscover love Elimelech bumps into Haviva (Shelly Skandrani), a young vibrant woman, who shows him the exciting adventures to be had in Tel Aviv of the seventies.


While the world is in danger of anihalation, group of brave scientists are sent into space in search of a new planet to colonize. Several generations later, the population has grown rapidly while resources are scarce with no sight of a world.
The chief of police Mana (Shelly Skandrani) a young woman who has to bare the heavy burdens of upholding the law and punishing her friends and even family in extreme, survival situations.


The story of a young nerdy woman called Lana (Shelly Skandrani), who’s lame dating attempts lead her to try a new dating service which offers practice dates with gorgeous, in fact ‘perfect’ robots, but things aren’t as they seem because perfection is not always what we search for.